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Burning Pain In Elbow And Forearm

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Tennis elbow is also known as 'lateral epicondylitis'. Contrary to popular belief, playing tennis is not the only cause for tennis elbow. In fact, people who suffer from this problem have hardly played the game. In this condition the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender. The pain causes the movements of the elbow to be constrained. Simple actions such as lifting, gripping and carrying become difficult. One of the strongest reasons for this condition is the overuse of muscles i.e. the muscles which pull the hand backwards (the wrist extensors). Over straining causes an inflammation that may be swollen, painful and tender. Injury to the arm can be another reason for inflammation. Tennis elbow is mainly caused when some activities like gripping, twisting, reaching and moving are done in an improper manner or an awkward position, repetitive stress, excess force and no time for recovery provided for the wear and tear.

Some of the movements which can be restricted or can avoid repetitiveness are continuous rotation of the forearm and bending of the wrist, gripping in a stressful position by combining inward and outward movement of the forearm, throwing motions and gestures that strike objects with hand.

Common symptoms to be aware when affected by tennis elbow

Your forearm suffers recurring pain on the outside of the upper forearm.
The pain is branched out from the arm towards the wrist.
Pain while lifting or bending the arm.
Pain while grasping small and light objects could be sign of concern.
Trouble or discomfort while extending the arm.
Pain which lasts for 6 to 12 weeks or even more.

Common tips to remember

-Resting is one of the best solutions to treat this problem
-You can use braces which are available in various sports shop. It is very helpful in relieving pain from tennis elbow problem.
-Try to lift objects with your palm facing your body.
- Being aware of the problem and treating it immediately
-Use machines instead of your hands to avoid any repetition
-Allow job rotations for everyone to get used to different muscles
-Use ergonomically designed tools that prevent strain on your hands.

Home remedies for Tennis Elbow

For the inflamed elbow you can use ice compress which helps in decreasing the pain. Ice helps in slowing down the local metabolism, thus helps in relieving pain and muscle spasm.

Use massage therapy.

Do your regular stretching exercises to prevent any kind of friction to your forearms. The stretching helps in strengthening the forearms.

Some exercises you can do to help strengthen your muscles. With the palm facing the ceiling, place your forearm on a desk with the wrist tucked over the edge. Grip any heavy object like a hammer or a two-pound juice can. Lift your hand up and down by moving your wrist, repeat this 20 times. Do this with the both the arms.

Warm and baked potato applied to the elbow can help relief the pain of tennis elbow.

Acupuncture can be used for treating tennis elbow problem. As it stimulates nervous system and also releases pain-relieving endorphins.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Ouch this hurts. Forearm and hand pain?
    I think I'm starting to break down after many years of typing on a keyboard. I have this burning pain on the underside of my left forearm. I also feel discomfort on the underside of my left wrist. And very recently I have felt tightness and slight pain in the palm of my left hand.

    As a lefthander writing is nearly impossible when the symptoms are in full effect.

    Also of note is this tingle in my elbow when bent. Also feeling some triceps discomfort/warm feeling as well.

    Thanks for your input!

    • ANSWER:

    Weird pain in wrist and forearm?
    I woke up this morning and my left wrist, spreading up the underside of my forearm to my elbow has weird pain. It seems to center right where the forearm bone (ulna?) meets my wrist on the outside of my hand, and spread up to my pinky, and down to my elbow on that outside edge of my arm. It seems to be a burning, stinging, and really sensitive type of mild pain, and to be honest, its more annoying than painful. I just wish it'd go away, and wish I could know what is causing it and what is going on with my arm. And no, no numbness, and no tingling. Anyone please...have any ideas of what this could be? Thank you so much.
    Don't really think so...i'm a switch hitter lol and 1-2x a day shouldnt give that

    • ANSWER:

    What is causing pain and tingling in my right arm and hand?
    For the last 18 hours I have had increasing pain in my right arm and hand. It started yesterday afternoon in my hand, more specifically my pinky, and slowly moved into my wrist and up my forearm to my elbow. The pain is dull and feels almost bruise-like and my skin hurts to the touch, like a cut or burn. My whole arm is tingly and almost feels cold. Any ideas?
    I do work in a call center and am using a keyboard all day long.

    • ANSWER:
      This could be a lot of things. If it was your left side I would recommend going to the hospital because it could be a heart attack. You also haven't mentioned what kind of job you do. Starting in the right small finger it could be carpel tunnel syndrome. It could also be a pinched nerve. I would suggest starting off with a very hot shower and then putting some deep heat rub on your right shoulder area and wrist. I would then see my doctor.

      When I had my problem, which was similar, the doctor gave me some anti-inflamatory meds. They didn't work. I then went to a massage therapist. She fixed everything up with just two 1 hour visits. It was related to my job as a detective, which required long stretches at a computer writing reports. The desk and chair were not ergonomically set up for computer work.

    Injured elbow playing football. Swelling in region. Numb and sharp pain.?
    Hi, I landed hard on my elbow and it made a popping sound. It didn't swell then, but when I got home it swelled up a little and turns purple when inflamed. The skin on the elbow - when moved - will burn and bring a lot of pain in and around the elbow, on the outside and inside of the bone (on the tendons) and the swelling goes down about 3 to 4 inches down my actual elbow in and around the forearm and about 2 to 3 up my tricep, but none on the actual elbow (I'm assuming because of little blood flow in that region, I may be mistaken though).

    The pain is on the tip of my elbow bone, however, pain is widespread around the entire elbow and on muscles/tendons around it.

    As of now, with no real diagnosis, I'm just icing it as much as I can and taking an anti-inflammatory. But the swelling and oddity of the sometimes severe pain has me concerned of a more serious type of injury or possibly a fracture. Especially because I have wrestling practice and I am continuing to wrestle because I feel no continuing pain while using it - only when it is hit or touched, and if it is a more serious injury I would like to heal it rather than further damage it.

    Can anyone help me diagnose this, or point me in the direction of a self-diagnosis?

    Thank you for your consideration,

    • ANSWER:

    Pain and burning sensation in arm, shoulder and neck. Possible cause?
    For about a week, my left arm has been hurting and sometimes feels weaker.
    My elbow really hurts and there is a burning sensation there and on the forearm.
    My shoulder also hurts and my neck feels stiff and painful.

    This comes and goes and but is always present at night.
    I want to go to my doctor but I dont know what to tell her especially if at the appointment my arm is not hurting.

    What are the possible causes?

    • ANSWER:
      It is called a cervical radiculopathy- pinched nerves in the neck create arm pain, burning or numbness. The root cause is probably a strain in the neck, it could possibly be the way you slept once or even your pillow. Try the traction neck pillow for relief and improving neck posture and a neck strain while sleeping.

    What could this wrist pain be?
    It started as a pain on the ulnar side on top of the bone with burning in my forearms, which i was told was a cartilage tear last year by a hand surgeon. The pain eventually went away.
    It returned over this past weekend. It started out the same but now I can't rotate my wrist palm up. The top of my forearms were burning and pain could be felt from the wrist half way back to my elbow on the pinky side. That went away and now the underside, still on the pinky side hurts so much I cant rotate it on my own There is still burning on the underside of my arm half way to the elbow, its like it just switched sides. My hand (palm side) is also cramped. The wrist can physically rotate when I relax and use my other hand to move it, so its not locked up. Im starting to even doubt the original doctors diagnosis because the more I read about tears, the more it says things about painful rotation no matter what. Sometimes there is a sharp ache in my forearm, sometimes its a burning pain. I can move the hand up and down just fine also.
    The weirdest part about this is if i press down on the lower part of my palm on the pinky side (right in line with my pinky) I can rotate it on my own with little to no pain. Is this possibly a nerve problem? Or could it be tendonitis, and thats where the tendon inserts into the wrist?

    • ANSWER:
      ^^ he is right!

    I donated blood 4 days ago and I've had a pain in my forearm since...What is it?
    When arriving, I was pricked with a needle, and the nurse searched through the crook of my arm for a good couple of minutes before saying that she could not hit the vein (and calling two other nurses over with the same conclusion), taking the needle out of my arm. At first, I did not feel any pain, until i really started moving it. I now have a pain from the crook of my elbow, to my wrist. Most of the time, it is a burning sensation, but sometimes it feel extremely cool. My upper forearm also tends to feel tight if a try to move it around a lot. There is also very little bruising. And, just because I don't know if this is significant enough, the tape they used gave my arm a rash.

    I can not straighten my full out and I still can not lift anything. I have given blood before without any problems, so I don't understand what happened. Should this be something I should worry about, or will the pain pass soon?

    • ANSWER:
      She most likely hit a tendon, or severly bruised the muscle but I doubt the second. I would try to ice then heat then stretch it for a few days or if its really bothering you go see your physician. Seriously some people who work in the medical profession are completely retarded. I for one do, and see malpractice all the time, especially on yahoo answers. Best of Luck

    What is this pain in my forearm?
    Ok i play tennis and i have been playing for about a year, i am on my highschool tennis team also. About a month ago when i was hitting with my friend(i hit about 3-4 days a week) near the end i noticed some pain in my wrist. The next time we hit it hurt from the beginning of hitting. So i have been playing in this pain and then last week i was hitting and every hit i made there was this stingy burning feeling on the underside of my wrist. Then next time a played and this is still happening, i have a dull achy pain on the top of my forearm about 3 to 4 inches away from my elbow, and when i make contact with the ball there is a lot of pain and i shank the ball because i cant follow through, i dont think this is tennis elbos because the elbow itself does not hurt, just the forearm, i can cary milk jugs and stuff with no pain, please tell me what this is i might have to quit the team if it doesnt go away!

    • ANSWER:
      actually it sounds exactly like tennis elbow. there are 3 points that if you push on will really hurt. take a finger and then press on the affected arm 3 fingers above the bend in your arm(elbow), then 3 below, and 1 on the outer side of your should really hurt. use ice for the first day or two, then alternate with heat. you could use an elbow splint, tensor bandage in a figure of 8(meaning you put it on like a figure of 8)..(or forget about tennis!)..
      You definitely need to have a dr., preferably sports medicine dr. see you very soon, and stop paying tennis for awhile to let it heal..
      i have it too, but from typing on the computer, the splint helps a lot. also exercise, meaning hold that hand up , and with the other one push your hand(straight fingers) backwards, to stretch that muscle...your dr. may have other things..but it could be, i forget the proper word for it, but it is repetitive strain injury..which is doing the same thing over and over, and the pain/injury get worse and worse...some people get what's called carpal tunnel syndrome, if it is in the wrist, and the hole through which the artery goes narrows from RSI-repitive strain injury..some have surgery for that!
      so..stop tennis till you see your dr., use ice packs 20 min 3 times a day,
      hard to sacrifice tennis for awhile.

    If i have a bulging C5/6 cervical disc in my neck would it be putting pressure on my nerves.?
    My MRI results reads.
    There is a annular bulging of the C5/6 with a right paracentral protrusion which indents the thecal sac and anterior aspect of the cord.
    Also would this explain all the pain in wrist, forearm, and elbow and the numbness in my fingers.
    I occasionally get a burning sensation in my shoulder.
    All of this is mostly on my right side, i do get a bit of pain and numbness in my left but nothing like the right.
    I was originally diagnosed with rsi both wrist, then fibromalgia and now finally after 6 months they have done scans.
    Can someone please help?

    • ANSWER:
      The protusion of the bulging disk is putting pressure on your spinal cord and if your elbow, forearm and fingers are experiencing numbness, it would be the lateral side of your arm that is numb (thumb side) which corresponds to the c6 nerve. Your doctors will be able to take care of this
      Any spinal pressure, especially in the cervical region, will result in headaches.
      It is curious that you have had symptoms for 6 months without an MRI until recently--particularly that they diagnosed you with fibromyalgia without scans.
      Best of luck

    Mass in lower part of upper arm, pain, swelling in upper part of forearm?
    Seven days ago i noticed a mass or lump near the elbow on the lower part of the upper arm, It burns and is very sensitive to touch. Tonight i looked down and my arm and the lower part of my forearm is swolen. Kinda like gravity leaked something from the mass into the arm.

    There are no discolorations or marks indicating besides protrusion from the mass and the swelling.
    When the mass was the most painful, my armpit had mild pain also.

    Should i be worried? Should i goto the ER now? Or can it wait till tomorrow after 6pm?
    No redness, not throbbing, burning pain.

    • ANSWER:
      go to a doctor because it might be an infection if its a reddish color...

      If its throbbing then it must be an infection.

      Hope you get well soon!

    Do i need to have the baseball famous "Tommy John Surgery"?
    Im a professional baseball player, and recently i've been feeling pain in my elbow. My trainer wants me to rest it, but i feel like its not something thats just gonna go away. I'm a right handed throwing short stop and also bat righty. It doesn't hurt to swing so im able to hit during games...but lately throwing has become a huge issue for me. When i want to really throw a ball hard across the infield, its almost like my body wont let me cause it knows its gonna hurt. My trainer has done all the UCL or tommy john type movements to see if its torn, but they don't seem to bother me when she does them.
    My symptoms:
    Pain when i fully extend elbow.
    Sore/pain to the touch on the forearm side of my elbow.
    Occasional pop in the elbow following with a burning pain after i let a strong throw go.

    • ANSWER:
      Okay who are you?

    i am in pain please help me!!! asap!?
    two 1/2 weeks after i fell and cut my arm open through muscles, i got stitches and it c losed up. But now you would think i should be getting better but I am getting pain in the top of my hand, it is burning. i have pain on both sides of my wrist. and pain on the outter elbow. and my fingers are numb along with my forearm

    • ANSWER:

    How do I know when I should seek medical attention for a spider bite?
    I did not see the spider that bit me and I did not even notice that I had been bit until my arm started itching. The pain and burning came on quickly and there is also a large patch of red around the bite mark. I was bit in the crease of my elbow and my arm hurts all the way up my forearm. this started about 45 mins ago. How can I tell if this is serious of if I shouldn't worry?

    • ANSWER:
      Unless you are allergic to spiders, there are only a few species of spiders that have been known to be deadly to humans, so the chances of it being one of those is small, and it is almost impossible to tell which spider bit you based only on the bite mark. If it starts to look infected then you should seek medical attention. If the redness spreads, if the area gets swollen, and/or if the pain persists for much longer then you should call your primary care doctor to be seen.

    Any think outside the box thinkers out there??
    for 6 yrs i have suffered with a horrible deep burning pain in my forearms and the back of my elbows, heavy fatigue, weakness in the arms/hands so that i drop things alot, i trip on my feet sometimes, the left side of my face goes pins/needles/numb, when tired or stressed it gets worse... if i get even a small cold where others have it for 3 days i'll have it for weeks, i have a terrible memory, poor concentration, my whole body has stretch marks... though i have never been heavy in weight (this occured all around the same time... iam now 28) i get dizzy, i have been to so many specialists... all do tests and agree something is terribly wrong but they cant quite put their finger on it as test results that should match up to make a diagnosis complete dont. nuerologists say it is rhumatology , rhumatologist says its neurological... im desperate, and dont want to live on pain killers and anti drepressants... dr wants me too as they cant fix the prob

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like peripheral neuropathy. Are you a diabetic or did you do some sort of chemo for cancer or breast radiation from breast cancer? If it is peripheral neuropathy, then that can't really be fixed. It might help to take a multiple vitamin with minerals just to maintain general health as much as possible (not to cure anything)....There are also about a zillion neurological or auto immune disorders that could affect you...from MS to myasthenia gravis to chronic fatigue syndrome to fibromyalgia to muscular dystrophy to ALS to MMD to blood disorders that affect the immune system (ie AIDS or leukemia) to heart disorders (you mentioned tingling on the LEFT side of your face.

      I am assuming that it is not too obvious or they would have found it by now. Sometimes it is hard for them to pin down stuff. Have you tried a neurologist at a teaching hospital?

      Pain killers and anti depressants are often given for peripheral neuropathy..

      Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (diabetic foot care) (overview of diabetes and complications) (charcot foot) (diabetic retinopathy) (neuropathy) (diabetic nephropathy) (heart disease link from podiatry channel link above)

      Here are some books that might help
      you could also get these books on ebay or amazon or a half price bookstore. (last two are very similar).
      1.Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
      2.Handbook of Diseases (Lippencott)
      3.Professional Guide to Diseases (Springhouse)

      Here is an article and the link to it on peripheral neuropathy

      Peripheral neuropathy from chemo or radiation
      Neuropathy: Detailed Information
      What is neuropathy?
      Neuropathy – sometimes called peripheral neuropathy – is a condition that occurs after peripheral nerve damage. Neuropathy may affect a single nerve or several.
      The nervous system is divided into central and peripheral parts:
      The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system.
      The peripheral nervous system includes the nerves that leave the brain and the nerve roots that come off the spinal cord and go to the internal organs, limbs and skin.
      Diseases, injuries and toxins, such as chemotherapy, can cause neuropathy in cancer survivors. The damage may lead to changes in sensation or muscle function and can be mild or severe. Cancer survivors may experience this condition as tingling or numbness in certain areas of the body, especially the hands and feet. These sensations range from mild to painful.
      Neuropathy can be an upsetting, and sometimes scary, condition for survivors. If you begin to notice symptoms, talk to your health care team immediately.

      What causes neuropathy?
      Neuropathy is a common disorder, affecting about 1 to 2 percent of Americans.
      Some causes include:
      Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) – the most common cause of neuropathy in the industrialized world
      Infections (such as leprosy, syphilis, HIV and some forms of hepatitis)
      Nutritional deficiency (particularly of thiamine)
      Inherited disorders of metabolism and other diseases passed down through families
      Drugs used in cancer treatment, particularly the platinum compounds, the taxanes, the vinca alkaloids and thalidomide
      Renal failure
      Extreme stress (such as the stress of living with a chronic illness)
      Radiation therapy (effects may be delayed for many years)
      Some cancer tumors are associated with neuropathy as a remote effect.
      What are the symptoms of neuropathy?

      The types and severity of neuropathy symptoms vary greatly. Determining the amount of peripheral nerve injury just by the amount of symptoms produced is difficult. Symptoms are almost always greatest at night. Common signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy include:
      Loss of balance, particularly in the dark
      Dizziness, especially when getting up from a bed or a chair
      Numbness, especially of hands or feet
      Cramps, commonly in the calf muscles
      Pain, often burning or shooting in quality
      Sexual dysfunction
      Sensitivity to temperature
      Muscle wasting in the hands and feet
      Loss of reflexes
      Smooth, dry and red skin of hands and feet

      Which cancer survivors are at risk?
      Neuropathy can affect almost any cancer survivor, but the following are high-risk conditions.
      Cancer types
      Lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease
      Having one or more of the following characteristics may increase the chances of developing neuropathy.
      Advanced age
      A family history of neuropathy (familial, diabetes)
      Excessive use of alcohol
      Some medications, including chemotherapy medications, also increase risk. Discuss your medication-related risk with your health care team.

      Chemotherapy medications that increase your neuropathy risk include:
      Vinca alkaloids
      Cytosine arabinoside
      Can a survivor experience neuropathy during, immediately after and/or years after treatment?
      Neuropathy related to cancer may develop in the course of treatment (such as with vinca alkaloids) or shortly after. More often, neuropathy has a delayed onset, with symptoms developing weeks or months after therapy has ended. Nerve injury from radiation therapy may be quite delayed, with symptoms occurring in some instances years after treatment.
      Peripheral neuropathy symptoms are often ignored by both patients and health care professionals and frequently are not recognized as being related to peripheral nerve damage. For lung cancer, neuropathy may be the earliest sign of the cancer. Report any symptoms to your health care team right away.
      Can neuropathy be cured?
      The peripheral nerves have a great ability to heal. Even though it may take months, most patients recover. However, in some situations, neuropathy is difficult to cure. Nerve injury caused by radiation often does not recover well. Neuropathy caused by platinum chemotherapy is also difficult to cure — recovery may take 18 months to five years or longer. During recovery of platinum-induced neuropathy, patients may suffer increased symptoms. Unfortunately, some patients with platinum neuropathy never recover.
      Even if your neuropathy cannot be cured, you may benefit from treatments to relieve your symptoms and from rehabilitation designed to help you maintain your physical abilities.
      What are the treatments for neuropathy?
      The treatment for peripheral neuropathy depends on the cause.
      Recovery can be helped by:
      Adequate nutrition (foods rich in thiamine, protein and antioxidants)
      Controlling and correcting contributing conditions such as diabetes or hypothyroidism
      Pain medications
      Physical therapy
      Medications being researched in clinical trials show promise in helping peripheral nerves to heal.
      How will a cancer survivor’s life change if s/he has neuropathy?
      Pain and other symptoms of neuropathy can be mild or severe. Each survivor’s experience will be different. However, with appropriate treatment, the effects of neuropathy can be limited. Medications, lifestyle changes, rehabilitation and other treatments can be used.
      Neuropathy can make standing for long periods or walking without assistance difficult.
      Balance can be affected, increasing the risk of falling.
      Activities like buttoning and tying laces or ties can be difficult.
      Survivors may be sensitive to heat or cold. Survivors with this sensitivity should avoid extreme temperatures if possible and use protective clothing and hats when needed.
      Neuropathy may cause a lack of pain sensation. Survivors should pay careful attention to the skin on their hands and feet because they could receive a wound or a break in the skin and not feel it.
      If neuropathy affects your ability to feel the foot pedals of your car, you should not drive unless your car is adapted for hand controls. Neuropathy can slow your reaction time in moving your foot from the accelerator to the break pedal and may cause an accident. Losing your ability to drive is upsetting. You may feel you are losing your independence. However, consider the increased risk to your safety and to the safety of others on the road. Talk to your health care team about your symptoms.
      Physical and occupational therapists can provide suggestions and special equipment to make daily tasks safe and easier to manage. The suggestions may include night-lights, grab bars and other home safety measures to help reduce the risk of falling. Therapists can assist survivors with physical exercises that can help them maintain physical abilities.
      Pain from neuropathy can greatly affect your daily activities and quality of life. For some, the pain and changes required to manage it can lead to physical and mental stress. Watch for signs of depression and talk to your health care team or a mental health care professional about managing your feelings.
      Good communication with your health care team about your symptoms and the changes they are bringing to your life is important. The team can help you manage these changes and provide referrals to other helpful resources.

      Sometimes the docs give Neurontin or Lyrica or Cymbalta.... or some narcotic pain meds. It can be difficult to treat. I read one article about hyperbaric oxygen treatment and it says that the doctors need to distinguish nerve damage from chemo/radiation or nerve damage from new or growing tumors

    how to numb a bad burn?
    my girlfriend accidentally fell into a heater when she was drunk and now she has a bad burn on her elbow and forearm. She doesn't want to go to the hospital, she's got some ointment that she rubs on it twice a day, but the pain is keeping her up at night. does anyone know an easy way that I can hep her? I hate seeing her in pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Stop the ointment, I bet she applied this right away right? Mistake. She needs to apply a cool damp to slightly wet cloth on her arm to ease the pain. If she gets blisters do not let her pop them. They will get infected, wait until they pop on their own and keep them clean and dry. Have her take an aspirin to help with the pain in the meantime, it will also help with the inflammation.

    Pain in my wrist? What could it be?
    For the last 6+ months I have had a shooting pain in my wrist and hand. It hasn't been too bad, but now it's gotten horrible and I can hardly stand it. Also, just recently, I started feeling a burning, tingling sensation in my forearm from my wrist to my elbow. I can hardly do anything without it hurting to the point of asking to take heavy pain pills, and I can't do much else but let my hand rest on my leg or beside me. What could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds as though you might be experiencing some type of nerve interference (some might suggest carpal tunnel syndrome, but that is normally associated with the wrist and the pain has now spread to your elbow).

      I would recommend seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractic is founded in the principle that the Central Nervous System (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) controls EVERY bodily function. When the vertebrae are misaligned (chiropractic calls this a subluxation), they can pinch the nerves running out between them and cause pain, numbness/tingling, or any type of general malfunction to that nerve's corresponding body part. The nerves that go to our hands and feet originate from the spine, so it is important to make sure that there isn't any neural interference at the source.

      I used to work in a chiropractic office and saw how it helped relieve many people of the pain in their limbs. It even helped my aunt, who had a tingling/painful sensation that started in her elbow and eventually worked its way down to her pinky finger.

      I can't guarantee that chiropractic is an absolute cure for you, but it might be something to consider. If you DO decide to see a chiropractor, it would be best to ask family/friends for recommendations. Visit a few offices and explain your situation, so you can ultimately choose the DC you are most comfortable with. Best of luck to you!

    I'm at my wits end. Help me ?
    I have been having wrist pain for years now and im only 19 y/o. My doc diagnosed me with a torn ligament in my wirst 4 years ago, but i went to a hand specialist and he couldnt find anything wrong. So he ordered a mri, xray, nerve conduction test, emg, and mri with fluoroscopy. All tests normal. But now i am having pain in my forearm, my other doc said its tennis elbow. I am going to physical therapy now. But that seems to be making it worse. My p.t said i have an extremely tight tendon in my wrist and tight muscles in my forearm near my elbow. She massaged that for a while and gave me some exercises to do. This was last monday. Since then i have been waking up i excruciating pain in my elbow, where i cannot move it or make a fist. The top of my hand, thumb and wrist is very sore and weak. It almost feels stiff. Sometimes i have burning and throbbing sensation. The pain is radiating into my fingers and on the palm of my hand at the base of the thumb. Im not sure what to do. I cannot sleep cuz the pain is incredible. I am really fed up with this. What can I do?? Should I see another hand surgeon?? I have had 2 cortizone shots and those did nothing. I have also had 3 casts on my wrist. I am very upset. And all this typing does not help. Could someone please help me?? Writing, typing, and gripping aggravate it, but lately ive been have pain at rest.... Please help... Thank you so much
    i have thought about amputation.. lol

    • ANSWER:
      While working out in a gym a few years ago. i was doing triceps pull downs. I had too much weight on their and I felt something like a tendon deep inside my elbow on my left arm pop. I'd say that was like 5 years ago. Well now at night i get these shooting throbbing pains down my arm that causes my hand to fall asleep and hurt tremendously. There's many tendons in your arms and wrists. If you over extend one or develop carpal tunnel in your wrists it can be very very painful and most times then not you just have to live with it. i know people in severe pain with it.
      Pain Management is about one of the few choices that you have to help deal with the pain and inflammation. I know it hurts and I am very sorry sweety. I hope you get to feeling better.

    A nerve conduction study on your wrists, would it pick up a neck problem????????/?
    I was diagnosed with RSI,both wrists, with a ? of carpal tunnel,as I has all the symptons and have a repetive use of my arms job. I had a NSC, on my wrists,ulnar nerve, which came back with a comment of Trivial median delay only! Which i dont understand and no one has explained it to me,. I then seen a rheumy who wrkerscomp organised for me to see diagnosed Regional pain syndrome. I seen a orthapeadic surgeon last week who has order a MRI and xray on my cervical spine as he is sure my pins and needles, numbness in hands and severe pain in my elbow and forearm is caused by my neck!. I do suffer from quite alot painful burning sensation down my neck and shoulder region, shocking headaches but have always put it down to being overtired! Sometimes a get a pain down my right leg aswell,. My job intails sitting in a chair looking down all the time with boths arms doing repitive motions, and alot of lifting. Can anyone please help?

    • ANSWER:
      Nerves that feed your arms and hands come from the cervical vertebrae (the vertebrae in your neck). If you have neck damage, the pathways the nerves follow can be damaged, causing pinching of the nerves, and pain or pins and needles in any part of the body that nerve feeds - typically the hands. So your RSI could be due to neck damage that might have been caused by repeated neck actions.

      When you are tired your posture is usually worse, which would aggravate the problem.

      I hope you reslve the problem soon - have you considered changing jobs (not always a viable option - but if you can it might help)

    Tingling burn in forearm up to wrist when extending arm out flat?
    Thursday I did an activity I don't normally do, I powerwashed the bottom of 8 pontoon boats with a commercial powerwasher, Just the trigger in my right hand for the most part. Well when friday came I began to notice this pain. I was reaching for something, moved my wrist, and it felt like a tingle went up my arm and then it was like a burn, and i mean a BURN, hard to cope with. Anytime I go to reach for something with my right arm it huts like HELL, today is monday and no it isn't better. Any thoughts on what the heck i did? If I put pressure on the inside of my arm right at my elbow on that tendon there, i guess its a tendon, I can feel the tingle/burn right at my wrist
    leaving for the doctors now..
    Doctor says my tendon is inflammed + tendonitus

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone recognize these symptoms?
    Been a nurse 35 years but can't diagnose myself.
    Condition onset: App 6 years ago
    Frequency:Sporatic. 2nd episode 2 years,2 months after the 1st; then19 months until 3rd; then 3 within 10 months;then none for 17 months, then now.
    Symptoms: Begins feeling like a sprain in the wrist; soreness. Usually left wrist; has been right side; once was both sides at the same time.
    Progression: Quickly becomes aching, burning pain in wrist, palm and fingers. Fingers feel numb and tingly and "fat" (like when your hand "goes asleep").Aching feeling can extend up forearm to elbow (but not the numbness).
    Mobility limitations/paralysis:Yes & no. Hand "feels" like it is too swollen to move fingers.Try to make fist; hand won't close. Can close it with the other hand. Can wiggle fingers.
    Visible changes: None. No swelling. No color change. No mottling.
    Level of pain:10
    Duration:Several hrs then sore a day or two

    My doctor just shrugs his shoulders. Please, can you help me put a name to this?
    Thank you all so far. Need to clarify. No previous injury. Thought about carpal tunnel, but mostly lt. hand and I'm rt handed.
    Ummmm....only Medicare for insurance.

    • ANSWER:
      Mother-in-law had those symptoms.......1st diagnosis was arthritis since it ran in the family, 2nd diagnosis was carpal tunnel....both were incorrect.....turned out to be a pinched nerve and she had PT for it. After several treatments, symptoms lessened.

    Dull, achy pain in both forearms?
    I am 21 years old and in pretty good health. I have had 2 complete physicals with complete labword in the last 6 months (one with my general practitioner and one for a job) and everything was fine. I am on Necon 1/35 birth control, which I just switched to 2-3 months ago, and I take Allegra daily. I joined Curves 5 months ago and work out 3-4 times a week. That's just some background. Anyway. For a few weeks now, I have had pain in my forearms. It is in both forearms. It starts at the elbows and stops at my wrists. Sometimes I will feel it into my upper arms. It's not really painful... it feels more like a dull, achy soreness. It comes and goes. It doesn't interfere with anything but it is starting to get a little worrysome. I have been under a lot of stress lately. I've been dealing with a lot of tension headaches and even a couple of panic attacks. I just have a lot going on and no time to ever stop and relax. I don't know what could be causing this. It doesn't hurt to touch my arms, they aren't swollen or anything. It just feels like achy muscles. I have been using a computer a lot the last 9 months or so at my internship, and in some classes at school. I don't know if that could have anything to do with it, or what. It doesn't hurt when I work out (I actually feel really good when I am working out), so I don't think I injured myself working out. I am a bit of a hypocondriac, so I have a bad habit of worrying too much and actually making myself sick/feel symptoms of things I don't have. I just don't know what's going on, or could be causing this. I know I don't get enough sleep or eat well enough for how busy I always am. I have felt pretty burnt out for awhile now, also. Any ideas or suggestions? My parents think I just worry myself sick all the time, so they aren't concerned about it. And I don't have a lot of money right now to be going to a bunch of different doctors. What could be causing this pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Since you work out, I thought of something you may want to check elbow:

      Tennis elbow symptoms often start out slowly and gradually. One of the main tennis elbow symptoms is pain. It usually starts with a dull achy pain that subsides after twenty four hours following the injury. After awhile, the pain may remain longer and it may cause pain with even the slightest movement. The pain may radiate to other parts of the body such as the shoulder, the hand, the neck or other parts of the arm.

      You can google tennis elbow and read up on it...this is just a thought based upon what you posted.

    Lump, swelling and pain after I.V in hand?
    Lump, swelling and pain after I.V in hand?
    Yesterday I went for a CT scan with contrast, I had an allergic reaction to the contrast and was taken to the E.R., since I already had an I.V. in my left elbow, they tried my right and the vein blew after the nurse poked it a lot so that arm is tender. They ended up having another nurse come in and she put an I.V. in my left hand even though I said I do not want it there, anywhere but there because I always get those little knots that are mildly painful and take forever to go away. She did it anyway. When she inserted the 22g needle into my hand it hurt like H***! It took everything I had not to jerk my hand away. It hurt even more when she poked it around in there and then took it out to leave the tubing in. My whole forearm was aching, then another nurse came in and put saline in, which hurt very bad, then injected Benedryal, Zyrtec and something else into the vein and all three hurt extremely bad, to the point I was in tears and I have a very high pain tolerance. It wasn't a burning feeling like the vein was irritated by the medication, more of a sharp ache if that makes sense.

    Today, I have 3 extremly painful swollen knots in the vein along my arm and wrist. My elbow hurts very badly also. The area is not warm or red though and the I.V. site is bruised but not too painful. The first knot starts about 2 inches away and is small, the second knot is on my wrist bone(the one on the side that sticks out) and is very swollen and I can't even bend my wrist. I have another "knot" on the underside of my forearm. It's actually about 1 and a half inches long and the vein is very tender.

    I called my Dr. and he just said "Yeah, it happens", I've had many I.V.'s over the years and nothing like this. Should I be concerned? I've tried warm and cold compresses, Tylenol yesterday and Motrin today to no avail. Even my Tramadol 100mg doesn't touch the pain or the swelling.

    I had phelbitis in my right hand after an I.V. and this doesn't look like that.

    • ANSWER:
      this is known as thrombophlebitis,
      there is a cream thromboflame u apply this and paint betadine lotion,
      take antibiotic phexine 500
      it will solve the problem
      I am sure ur doctor of hospital must have written the same treatment.

    Previous injury to the wrist and forearm-inability to move thumb.?
    I had a car wreak last may 29th I was ejected from the truck traveling at a high rate of speed when the vehicle started rolling over I substained severe injuries, seat bealt broke cutting thru the muscles of my stomach causing a hernia, surgery was done to correct that, head injury-60 staples to repair wound, broken collar bone and rib, fractured bone in my foot, torn ligament in knee, lacerations to the forearm, fractured the forearm in two places, broke my wrist and pinky. They put 2pins in my hand by my pinky, put my arm in a splint instead of a cast b/c I of the lacerations to my forearm. I have not been able to bend my wrist at all since the accident, the bones in my wrist don't seem to be lined up correctly (looks like my wrist is crooked) and to look at my hand when I do try to bend it it kinda looks deformed where my thumb and wrist connect, ever since the accident my wrist has been popping or snapping everytime I would position it the wrong way, anyways, I was folding clothes yesterday and I got a sudden sharp pain in my arm and realized my wrist was numb, swollen, burning, throbbing, the blood vessels had swollen up on my hand and they extended up to my elbow, I and was no longer able to move my thumb. When I try to straighten my thumb out it like locks up and wont let it fully extend out. I was in severe pain the day it happened and the next morning, now it doesn't hurt unless I try to move it. If I try to use my thumb I have to use my other had to pry it open just to get it right.

    Any suggestions of what might be wrong or how I could maybe fix the problem?
    You have substained injuries similar to mine and you are still in recovery? I figured with it being now a yr since and I'm not any better that it would take a while, never thought that long tho. Wrist is not the only prob-I'm still having problems with my stomach where they put the mesh netting. I'm still having to tape gauze over the open wound that has never healed 1yr later (it leaks out fluid).

    • ANSWER:
      I'd guess it's a complication,locked in muscle imbalances due to all the damage that accident caused.

      The problem is it's going to take for ever because most of your injuries are interconnected and you cannot fix just one thing. You have to fix everything once you start. I started in November of 1986 and I'm still not finished. Your list of problems is similar in length to what I started with. It has not been fun or easy and a vast amount of time and effort has been expended. The only good thing is it's better than the alternatives.

    i think i broke i my elbow. please please help?
    yesterday i was running up my stairs because i was in a hurry and forgot something upstairs. well i tripped and caught myself with my arm and i heard about 4 pops and a crack. Then it started burning and after a few minutes went completely numb. . Since i was still in a hurry and it was numb i just kept going. by the time i got to work my elbow was huge and bruised. and when i got home from work it was still numb, but i couldnt move it (i tried at work, had to type with one hand) so i iced it. well i woke up last night at least four times because of the pain. its horrible, i was crying most of the night. well its still hurts really really really bad and iim icing it right now but i need to know if i have to go to the hospital because i just got a new job and dont want to make a bad impression by missing the first week of work. and its mostly bruised on the outside of my elbow..well actually its bruised from the middle of my forearm all the way up to a little bit below my shoulder. and if at all possible (i know that most of you arent doctors) but could you possibly tell me what bone may be broken or sprained?
    um just to let u knwo. the bruise starts at the middle of the lower part of my are. im not sure if thats actually called the forearm

    • ANSWER:
      Happy to answer, because I'VE completely busted up my elbow. The bone of my elbow completely clean broke off. I could not move my arm at all. It was physically impossible. I had to use one arm. My arm completely swelled up. It was so swollen and bruised that it wasn't until the 5th doctor and the 5th xray that they proclaimed it was "OBVIOUSLY BROKEN" Maybe it was too swollen for them to see before. Very painful, and it was numb before. If you cannot move your arm, it is most likely broken. You need to go to the doctor.

    i have severe pain above my elbows which prevent me from lifting or extending them.?
    I'm having numbness and tingling/burning sensation in my hands and forearms.

    • ANSWER:
      You should see your doctor. Have you had an accident or possible injury to your neck? It sounds like you could have some pinched nerves or possibly a herniated disk in your neck. He/she will likely order an MRl in order to accurately diagnose you. Numbness, tingling and burning are all symptoms of nerve involvement. Good luck.

    Why does my skin feel like its burning only when something touches it?
    Just started today. I've never had this pain before. It hurts from 2" above my elbow down 3/4 of my forearm. It hurts BAD when I touch it or rub it against something. There is no rash and my arm looks normal. Will wrapping my arm help? My work involves unloading semi's by hand full of boxes and my forearms come in contact with the boxes all time, I don't want to miss work so would say a wrap help? Or is this something serious that I shouldn't try to do a temp fix like that?
    Alright people, it's not a sunburn I know what that is and what it feels like and this is not that.

    • ANSWER:
      awts >.<
      i think you have to miss your work for few days
      and dont put anything to your skin.

      but consult your dermatologist.

    I had carpal tunnel and tendentious now my system's are getting worse. I am very worried.?
    My symptoms are 3/16/2007

    I have shooting pain down both forearms down my Ulnar nerve.
    I have stabbing /cramping pains down both of my fore arms.
    The pain was execration, but now has defused and dissipated.
    However it is still very painful.
    Also I have pain in my elbows both on the interior and exterior side.
    The tennis elbow is more intense when I pick up, twist, or turn an object.
    Oddly I have intense pain down my arms when I sneeze or I have a shiver.
    I have pain in my medial carpals in my wrist.
    The pain migrates from four to five places in my wrists.
    I have painful sensation changes in the 4th and 5th fingers.
    I wake up many nights with pain in my hands and in a claw formation.
    I have tingling burning sensations, weakness in my hands and arms.
    I have trouble with my grip, pinching, grasp, twisting, of my hands
    and arms. I am losing mobility in my arms that makes me drop objects more often. I am experiencing partial paralysis and loss of movement in my hands and wrists. I am experiencing a numbness and tingling on the top surface of my thumbs. I still have extreme pain at the base of both thumbs. Which is a sign of atrophy of the muscular bulge in an advanced or chronic stage, I am been told. I am experiencing that I cannot move my hands and arms with the same speed as just a few months ago and is continually getting worse. Also the pain is increasing with less exertion. I am experiencing pain from a nerve that rolls over my shoulders then to the underside of my arm between my biceps and triceps. Then runs down the length of my arm about two inches apart.
    I am also catching myself from dizzy spills or vertigo. I thought it was from my pain medication so I didn’t put it together. Since its been over a year without pain medication and I still have dizzy spills. Is this a symptom too?

    • ANSWER:
      Have you considered having the surgery? I mean, how could it be worse? It sounds like you can hardly do anything now but feel the pain. I recently had ulnar nerve transposition surgery done and although still recovering, I am totally glad I had it done. The majority of the pain is gone and what is there I believe is normal recovery issues. Although the muscle wasting will always be present, already some strenght is returning to my hand. Taking vitimin B12 is supposed to help with the health of nerves. Please talk with your doctor. There are things that can help.

    my elbow hurts after work out? ?
    this was pretty much the first time i worked out. I started feeling the pain after I did some curls but me as a 21 year old guy I just took a short rest and brushed it off. I assumed it was just the burn of working out.
    After a few hours it cramped up and i couldn't bend my left arm all the way down with out pain. That too is kinda normal for me.
    today I am in a lot of pain when i try to bend my arm all the way down. or even a little bit.
    The pain is between my bicep and forearm.
    So what should I do? wrap it up and just put some ice on it? I never was in this much pain when working out before so I am a bit concerned.
    no i have not been to a doctor yet. I was planning to give it a couple of weeks to see how the i progress.

    • ANSWER:
      umm maybe you didnt warm up or maybe you were laying on the floor your elbow on the floor doing curl ups that too can hurt your elbow try standing up and doing it

    Fingers, Wrist, Elbows?
    All are in pain. First symptom I noticed were my fingers locking up (started about four years ago). Pinkie on left when opening and closing hand, the knuckle doesn't 'glide' but pops up when I close my hand, then pops down when I shut it.
    My hands, elbows, are in pain all the time. Forearms and biceps always feel sore (both arms). Last night I felt the pins and needles sensation, along with coolness.
    This morning when I awoke they were burning hot (internally). The pain gets worse with normal activity.
    Also, my knees and feet have been feeling sore and painful if I walk for 15 mins. or so. Any clue what this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      I get similar pains & I have carpal tunnel syndrome but not in my little finger, it could be some form of arthritis or tendonitis. I found thermal gloves helped lots. U should c an orthopedic specialist who can correctly diagnose u.

    Whenever I work my biceps I only get the burn in my hinge joint? PLEASE HELP!?
    Hey there.

    Whenever I work my bicep, whatever bicep exercise it is (literally) I only get the burn in my hinge joint. Its a burn NOT A PAIN. If you don't know what the hinge joint is, its the joint right above your elbow, its between your bicep and your forearm. I get a burn right there, its been bothering me forever now. I really need help. PLEASE HELP. Oh & btw I'm damn sure that I'm doing the exercises correctly, so please don't mention that.

    Thanks, god bless.

    • ANSWER:
      well any exercise? i guess it's possible
      you try different grips like hammer/supinated etc or negatives in the chinup position?

      for the most part if you HAVE tried everything, i'd say the inferior side of the arm is just weaker than the part connected to the shoulder. doesnt make complete sense since different exercises work different areas/heads of the arm but the best you can do is to vary the workouts or take time off
      ... try stretching the forearm and bicep as tight muscles can alter then force generated in location to the arm (sometimes)

    numbness in left pinky and ring finger leading all the way up to my elbow?
    The pain is pretty much just on that side of my arm as well. It feels like it's in the skin and muscles of the left arm, forearm area.
    I must also mention that there is a burn in this area, too. I burned it there around 4 days ago, and it was just recently damaged again.
    It isn't a huge burn, it's about an inch in length, and it looks as though it is a 1st, possibly 2nd degree burn.
    I've been feeling this pain for the past hour.
    I'm 20 years old, so I wasn't concerned about it being a heart attack.
    I was wondering if I could have burned a nerve or something.
    I also have carpal tunnel that has never been treated.
    There doesn't appear to be any flesh eating bacteria activity to be going on.
    Any one have any thoughts or advice?
    Much appreciated.
    It's unsure whether or not I have health insurance, and since I am already in debt and have a small child, I didn't want to go to the hospital.
    Also I didn't think it was all that bad until now. The burn was healing fine until I picked my son up from hehind or couch and the couch ripped off my blister. Ever since it's been very sore and sensitive.

    • ANSWER:
      necrotic infection activity is not always visible, sometimes it can go deep in muscle fast, leading to shock. sounds like you have not bothered to go to a doc, clinic or emerg room when it happened. GO tomorrow or today depending on what time zone you are in.

    What could produce a positive ANA with low SED rate?
    I have been having joint pain for several years, more severe lately. I finally gave in and went to GP. ANA positive, SED rate normal (2), and negative Rheumatoid factors. Don't have the Malar rash or butterfly rash, have lots of headaches, very fatigued sometimes, hyperthyroidism comes and goes. Most recent TSH, T3 and T4 were normal. Burning and numbness in right forearm/hand. Knees, elbows, wrists, fingers and neck hurt almost daily now. Have an appt to see Rheumatologist, but anxious. Any suggestion?

    • ANSWER:
      Penny, I worked in the lab for 20 yrs and these results do not go together at all. I recommend that you have these labs re-run to make sure that these are your results. You know some times, names get changed or put in computer wrong( no one is perfect) but I do highly recommend to get re tested.

    PLEASE why are my veins in my arm HARD like a pencil? and there's two big lumps?
    please read it im sorry its a little long but im scared and didnt want to leave nething out ...

    i had an IV about a month ago,with that basic iv fluid for dehydration,also dilatta (?) and had a ct scan with contrast but when they put the contrast in my RIGHT arm it started burning really bad,so they had to take the IV out and out it in the other arm,then it was fine. This was a month ago.

    About a week after i noticed two veins on my right arm ( one going up into my hand and the other in the middle of my forearm ) were really hard and pushed out,it felt like a pencil and they were both as thick as a pencil and there were two lumps in one of the veins and one little lump in the other one. ALSO it hurts to touch my vein,not unbearable but it hurts enough. to even rub my finger along my whole vein feels sore to the touch. I usually have really tiny veins .. you can never even see them and it's always hard for a doctor to even find one for an IV. Anyway - Its been the same ever since EXCEPT the veins arent as thick - its almost like they shrunk and they feel really tiny but they're STILL hard - there's two bigger lumps in my vein ( the one in my forearm,past my elbow halfway to my hand ) and i just pushed on it like 15 mins ago and now my arm is throbbing right where it is,it hurts really bad im so nervous i have a two yr old daughter i dont want nething to happen to me SORRY this is so long .. does neone know what this is or if it's a blood clot or could this be life threatening??

    im only 23 years old and have never had any health problems,only a history of ruptured ovarian cysts .. it also makes me nervous b/c my mother just past away sept. 30th from a stroke we believe, and had vasculitis in her legs and blood clots. if neone knows nething please help b/c the pain got worse now it hurts to type and idk if i should go up to the ER tonight or something? thank you so much.

    • ANSWER:

    numb arms and legs, getting worse everyday?
    okay, here is a weird problem for you. If anyone has advice on what I should do, please let me know. I am a 20 year old female and I have been having a numb problem. One day, about a year ago, I woke up with a claw hand. My hang literally looked like a claw and it took about ten seconds of me moving it for it to return back to normal. It kept happening every night until one day I woke up and it was the other hand doing it. This freaked me out a little but I dealt with it because I do not have health insurance. As months went on, its been getting worse. My legs also go numb throughout the day and my knees will start aching very badly when this happens. The numbness is starting to be more expanded and painful. Tonight has to be the worst though. I woke up and couldnt catch my breath. I looked next to me and realized that my right arm was in a lot of pain. I tried to lift it and couldnt. When I finally did my arm was completely limp from the elbow down, it felt so numb, like my face at the dentist and it was heavy. Took 20 or more seconds to get it back to normal. My forearm is still burning, and as I type my arms are starting to freak again. I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but when I was younger I had a passing out problem. They said it was intracranial pressure but the results were borderline and questionable. Oh, and as this is going on, I tend to be slowing down in metabolism. Ive gained 30+ pounds and I dont know why.

    • ANSWER:
      take two Aspen then call a MD. the get a MRI scam. It can be several items. hart attack / stroke
      and or a pre courser to a embolism and or americium. the Aspen a dequaglent.

    Do you like this poem?
    My creative writing teacher suggested that I submit it to my school literary magazine, but I'm not sure. I really want some helpful feedback. Thanks!

    He raises the cold, heavy contraption
    And rests it on his temple. The ring of ice
    Burns at first, but then numbs his thoughts
    As his mind drifts to a faraway place.
    Warmth spreads from his elbow
    Down his forearm and through his fingertips,
    Entering the unforgiving device. For an instant,
    A smile flickers across his face;
    Everything will be over soon.
    With the slightest movement of his forefinger, he
    Is released from his prison, and
    A peaceful euphoria takes over. He
    Slips further and further to the
    Precipice, and then falls.
    He is free.
    Her room is quiet, desolate.
    The silence is broken by a muffled sob
    From the sea of blankets on her bed.
    I move closer and whisper her name, and
    I am met with more silence. Her
    Face is stained with dried rivulets of sorrow;
    She can no longer rid herself of pain
    Through tears. I sit on the edge of the bed and
    Search for her hand amidst the tangled mass.
    We remain frozen in this state, her
    Dry heaves pulsing through our
    Interlocking fingers. Finally, she lifts her head,
    And her red, tired eyes find mine.
    Her lips try to form the painful words,
    But no sound escapes her raw throat.
    I understand perfectly.
    He is gone.

    • ANSWER:
      I mostly like it, but I feel that it's broken up unnecessarily in parts.
      In example:
      "She can no longer rid herself of pain
      Through tears. I sit on the edge of the bed and"
      Is there a way to rewrite these broken thoughts so that they aren't separated on the lines?
      They detract from the flow of the poem.

      Other than that one complaint, I enjoyed it and thought that it was well written with vivid imagery and a steady tone.

    My arm is hurting, numb, and kind of tingling. Possible explanations?
    I started taking Lexapro today. Since I took it, my heart rate has increased some. Pulse was 100 earlier in the evening. It feelings like there is a fluttering sensation in my chest. A few hours ago my forearm started hurting. Now it extends from just above my elbow to my fingers. It feels kind of numb yet painful. I had a ring on and even though I took it off it still feels like it is there. I did have blood drawn from the same arm earlier today. Other symptoms include dry throat, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, constipation, nausea, stomach pain, and a general feeling of anxiety. These symptoms are what prompted me to go to the doctor this morning and why I received Lexapro and two other prescriptions (for the constipation and nausea). What is wrong with me and why can't I feel better? Is the pain in my arm psychologically induced or real? No pain in my chest, although sometimes I feel a burning sensation. I'm 22, slightly obese, mild diabetes.
    The only other medicines I am taking are the prescription medicines my doctor gave me this morning. I can't remember the names exactly, but one is a powder that you mix with liquid for constipation, the other is a large red pill for nausea and vomiting. I am not taking anything else.

    • ANSWER:
      There should be no numbness with this medication or pain in your arm. Though the rest are side effects of Lexapro.

      I'm curious though what other medications you are on because there are some drugs that should NOT be mixed with this one. What other ones are you on???

      I think for safety sake, you should get into a clinic or ER now. The arm pain, heart rate and the fact that you are having sensations in your chest area concern me.

    Painful tingling in right arm...please help!?
    Okay, today I started feeling this painful tingling sensation in my right arm (underneath the forearm close to the elbow). I feel it when i touch my feels like a stinging burning sensation. It's really hard to describe. Almost like pins and needles only a little bit more severe.
    My boyfriend also just told me it looks a little swollen.
    I have not injured myself at all, and I have had a pretty restful last few days.
    Does anyone know what it might be? I just put ice on it and it hurt like hell!
    Any ideas would really be appreciated...
    oh I did take some vicodin/hydrocodone for a migraine last night. (my migraines get really is my own prescription). Do you think that might be it? I'm not feeling this pain anywhere else.

    I really appreciate it thanks

    • ANSWER:
      No, neither of those medications will cause swelling like your experiencing. I would guess that you whacked it while you were asleep, and if your situation doesn't get better in the next few days, I would go see someone.

    Starting Brazilian jujitsu and my arms are killing me!!?
    I have worked out over 13 yrs, in good shape..wrestled for two yrs in H.S. But I have been going twice a week for the last three weeks and these are the hardest workouts I have ever had. The problem I am having is half way through the work out every muscle from my biceps to my finger tips are so thight they begin to throb. Around my bicept area, my elbow area and begining to part of my forearm, kills me for and 30-40min after the work out...I mean, its more painful then a burn you get from working out... I compare the pain to that of a sprained ankel in my musles....I just wondering is this normal..and how long does it last?...I could not grap my keys to go home for 20mins last time.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like low potassium levels, try eating bannanas or taking potassium pills. And drink more water. It could be that you are pinching a nerve as well. But other than that just suck it up. You didnt expect it to be easy did you? BJJ is one of the most physically demanding arts you could have chosen, you are going to be stretched in places you can't imagine. If you are just starting and already having problems, perhaps you should find something a litle less demanding. Like yoga! Bottom line is if ya can't take it, ya can't stay. Don't be a whuss.

    Need help with First Aid Scenarios?
    i have to study the following scenarios and explain in detail how to treat and manage each situation effectively after identifying the nature of the injury.

    1. A wrestler is thrown to the mat and suffers an open fracture of both the ulna and the radius in the forearm. there is significant bleeding from the wound. The athlete begins to complain of light-handedness, his skin is pale and feels cool and clammy, and his pulse becomes rapid and weak.

    2. A netballer receives a pass from her team mate but wasn't watching the play and the ball hits the player in the mouth and knocks out the tooth.

    3. A judge at an athletic carnival gets hit in the chest by a shot put. They have difficulty in breathing and experiencing chest pain when coughing and their mouth is starting to turn blue. They may also have fractured ribs.

    4. An athlete who is asthmatic participates in a game of basketball but forgets to take their medication before the game. During the game the player becomes very distressed, has difficulty breathing and begins to cough and wheeze.

    5. During a hike in the bush one of your friends is bitten by a snake on the upper arm (just above the elbow)

    6. You are babysitting your 3 year old nephew when you notice the child having trouble breathing, is complaining of a burning sensation in his neck and is vomiting. Next to the child is a bottle of detergent with the lid opened. How would you treat the child and what would you tell his parents to prevent it from occurring again.

    7. You are outside playing football at lunch when you notice one of your friends (who is diabetic) looking very pale , starts to shake and sweat and is looking very confused and vague. They also start to become very drowsy and disorientated.

    8. A mud wrestler gets thrown into the mud but when they get up they realise they can only see out of one eye as the other contains a foreign object causing temporary closure of that eye.

    9. A marathon runner collapses during the race and exhibits signs of profuse sweating, pale skin, elevated temperature (39), dizziness and rapid pulse.

    10. A soccer player dribbling the ball gets tackled by the opponent illegally and causes a significant laceration to their knee. The athlete is bleeding profusely from the wound.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Fracture to the ulna and radius can trap and/or cut the ulnar nerve, radial nerve, arteries and nerves going around the bones, which is why they feel light-handedness and cool. Because the nerve is damaged, they cannot feel anything and thus feel lighthandedness. Due to loss of a proper blood supply, the cells begin to die and that's why they feel cool.

      3. The broken ribs could have jabbed into the peritoneum, breaking the pleural ayer of the lungs. That can cause fluid accumulation in the pleural cavity, causing pressure on the lungs, which in results causes a heaviness on the chest and causes the patient to have difficulty breathing. Because they can't effectively exchange oxygen for C02, they start to turn blue. I would treat it by removing the fluid in the pleural cavity via a long syringe and infusing them with oxygen which has a higher partial pressure than the atmospheric oxygen.

      4. The nature of the problem here is pretty much very clear. Not enough oxygen is being exchanged at the alveolar level, leading to acidosis in the system, lactic acid build up, and almost no oxygen for the cells. THe cells will start to die off if action isn't taken. I would suggest CPR and/or infusing with oxygen and measuring their breathing via a spirometer.

      5. Venom can contain numerous neurotransmitters that can stop the sodium potassium channels, leading to your muscles literally unable to move causing death (since heart is a muscle itself). Tie off the arm where the bite occurred so the transmitter doesn't travel in large quantities to the whole body via the blood. Admit an antidote after determining if the snake was poisonous.

      6. Contact poison control. Have the stomach pumped if necessary. Advise the parents to have parental locks on the cabinets that little kids can't open.

      7. If you take too much insulin, you can have what's known as a hypoglycaemic reaction (or 'hypo', for short). This is when your blood sugar drops to a very low level (below 4.0mmol/l).

      7. Basically what happens is that there's simply not enough sugar in your blood to fuel your muscles, brain and other organs. You can treat it by eating or drinking something sugary - glucose tablets and regular soft drinks are very good for this. You may also want to eat something with some long-acting carbohydrates afterwards too, like a sandwich or a packet of crisps, to make sure you don't get a recurrent reaction. When given the chance, measure their glucose levels

      9. Result of insufficient oxygen, forcing cells to switch to anaerobic metabolism, causing lactic acid build up and acidosis. Acidosis is dangerous for the body because it can cause fatigue and disorientation. Treat with giving plenty of water, some sugary substance, and rest to bring back the oxygen levels.

      Okay i've tried to help to the best of my abilities..hope it works out for you

    Should I keep Writing? What do you think?
    STORY. . .

    Behind her, the noise escalated. A sheer cloud of whispers stalked her through the dark, dense forrest. Slits of silky, white dress flailed out behind her as she barreled past the trees. The whispering grew closer, and she could begin to make out a new shape of the cloud every time she whipped her head back to see how much longer she had left. The cloud gained up on her, and her lungs began to burn like fire, but she went on. The root of a tree shout out in front of her; connecting with her foot, and sending her flying forward through the air, then down on the hard dirt with a scraping noise and hard thump. The girl ignored the oozing blood escaping from her forearms. She let out a slight whimper as the pain shot up her arm in attempt to push herself up into a standing position, but was too late. The cloud was upon her, and she was shoved into the dirt; a deep pressure crushing her; air being forced out of her lungs. She awaited death calmly. . .

    Indie sat up in her bed; eyes needing a moment to adjust to the harsh light of the morning sun, muscles straining to prop her up on her right elbow. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead; the dreams from the previous night leaving her anxious and confused. She took a second to admire the enormous portrait of a colorful butterfly on her wall, and got up to- as her mother would tell her- "Greet the day."

    Although her sheets seemed to be trying to constrict her, Indie rolled out of bed and got dressed. Light jeans, and 3 layered tank-tops; each a different shade of blue, covered her with a pair of black flip flops on her feet, and some makeup on her eyes.

    With one last glance in the mirror, she threw on a few bracelets, hoisted her black Jansport backpack onto her shoulder, and headed down stairs to grab a sip of orange juice, then out the door for the first day of school.

    "By Indigo!" Her mother called as Indie hastily rushed out to her car.
    "Later, Mom!" Indie yelled back.

    She threw her bag into the passenger seat of her '65 Chevy Impala and sped off toward Monrovia Valley High School with the top rolled down and stereo blasting.
    I know there are mistakes; this is just a rough draft that I did in 5 minutes. . . And I'm 14 and amateur.

    • ANSWER:
      Nice pace, but describing fashions, which will soon be unfashionable won't make your book last. Layers of tanks tops won't be in by the time your books might get published, so don't spend too much time on that sort of thing.
      Feelings, emotions and movement do not have a fashion sell by dates, so focus on describing what is around her and how she feels without writing about designer labels.

    What Do You Think About HWA Episode 2 Part 2?
    What a Win for Chris Armstrong and What an announcement by Scott Diamond

    We Would like to thank Metallica for their Song One it is the official Theme Song for HWA Heavy Metal Which is on November 14 Live on PPV

    We go to the Back and see The Straight Edge Saviour

    Josh Matthews: Dwayne If I may call you that what are your thoughts on tonight’s match

    SES: You see I think that once in everybody’s life opportunity knocks and For me That time is now, if you excuse me I have to get ready for the most important match in my career.

    Match 2 HWA Heavyweight Championship
    The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy vs The Straight Edge Saviour
    No More Words by Endeverafter hits and here comes the HWA Heavyweight Champion The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy he makes his way to the ring to a thunderous ovation. Next This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage and here comes The Straight Edge Saviour also known as Dwayne Whyte. Look at this monster as he makes his way to the ring he has to have at least 70 Pounds on our World Champion. The bell rings and the Two stare down who will be the first one to throw a punch. It’s the World Champion The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy. They go back and forth with the punches, The Straight Edge Saviour overpowering our Champion and he shoves him to the ground. The 3xtrme Jeff H@rdy gets up and he gets slapped in the face by the challenger. But our Champion with a slap of his own but The Challenger comes back with a really hard shot and The Champ falls to the floor and now he is in trouble. Follows it up with a few falling elbows and goes for the first cover of the Match-up 1..2.. Kickout by the Champ. SES picks him up and hits a thunderous clothesline 1..2.. Kickout and now OH he has the Ankle Lock Locked in and The Champ could be moments away from tapping, he is struggling to get to the ropes but he gets pulled back into the middle of the ring. He has been in the hold for three minutes and he finally makes it to the ropes he just won’t give up. SES picks him up and OH Reverse of Fate by the Champion. He goes to the top Rope Swanton Bomb 1..2.. Kickout he kicked out of the SWANTON BOMB. The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy doesn’t believe it he goes to the top rope and hits a 450 Splash 1..2.. KICKOUT 3xtrme Jeff H@rdy is in Shock he picks up SES but wait GTS by SES cover 1..2.. was that 3 was it was it no it wasn’t he picks up The Champ and The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy hits a superkick, goes to the top and he Hits a Swanton Bomb….Wait no the Challenger avoided it The Champ is rolling around in pain and SES locks in the Ankle Lock but wait The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy rolls SES up 1..2..3
    WINNER and STILL HWA Heavyweight Champion The 3xtrme Jeff H@rdy in 9:56

    What a win by The Champ but wait SES from behind a forearm to the back and he locks in the Ankle Lock he won’t let go The Champion is screaming in pain he is tapping out but it won’t do any good he finally lets go and The Champ is holding his ankle it may be broken. SES grabs a chair and starts ramming the chair into his ankle and he wraps the chair around his ankle and Oh My God he is going to the top rope he JUMPS ONTO HIS ANKLE FROM THE TOP ROPE The Champ is Screaming in Pain Here come The Medics I hope he is okay.

    • ANSWER:
      Promo-Straight Edge Savior you think this is over oh oh oh i don't think so,I Don't know when will i come back in HWA Cause of my Ankle but when i do im gonna destroy you do you hear me SES Mark my word,since i am the HWA World heavyweight champion im gonna make a match next week.Next week you will face 3 wrestlers on a gauntelet match but im not gonna tell you who they are but you will find out next week live on HWA.

      well im glad you accept my challenge because next week you 3 opponents will be revealed and they will break you in half and send you in a trash do you understand what im saying to you right now and did you say you are the best in this bussiness ha ha ha, well if you was the best in this business you would've won the world heavyweight champion already,since im the champion that mean i am the best in the world at what i do


    Lump, swelling and pain after I.V in hand?
    Yesterday I went for a CT scan with contrast, I had an allergic reaction to the contrast and was taken to the E.R., since I already had an I.V. in my left elbow, they tried my right and the vein blew after the nurse poked it a lot so that arm is tender. They ended up having another nurse come in and she put an I.V. in my left hand even though I said I do not want it there, anywhere but there because I always get those little knots that are mildly painful and take forever to go away. She did it anyway. When she inserted the 22g needle into my hand it hurt like H***! It took everything I had not to jerk my hand away. It hurt even more when she poked it around in there and then took it out to leave the tubing in. My whole forearm was aching, then another nurse came in and put saline in, which hurt very bad, then injected Benedryal, Zyrtec and something else into the vein and all three hurt extremely bad, to the point I was in tears and I have a very high pain tolerance. It wasn't a burning feeling like the vein was irritated by the medication, more of a sharp ache if that makes sense.

    Today, I have 3 extremly painful swollen knots in the vein along my arm and wrist. My elbow hurts very badly also. The area is not warm or red though and the I.V. site is bruised but not too painful. The first knot starts about 2 inches away and is small, the second knot is on my wrist bone(the one on the side that sticks out) and is very swollen and I can't even bend my wrist. I have another "knot" on the underside of my forearm. It's actually about 1 and a half inches long and the vein is very tender.

    I called my Dr. and he just said "Yeah, it happens", I've had many I.V.'s over the years and nothing like this. Should I be concerned? I've tried warm and cold compresses, Tylenol yesterday and Motrin today to no avail. Even my Tramadol 100mg doesn't touch the pain or the swelling.

    I had phelbitis in my right hand after an I.V. and this doesn't look like that.

    • ANSWER:

    Whenever I work my biceps I only get the burn in my hinge joint? PLEASE HELP!?
    Hey there.

    Whenever I work my bicep, whatever bicep exercise it is (literally) I only get the burn in my hinge joint. Its a burn NOT A PAIN. If you don't know what the hinge joint is, its the joint right above your elbow, its between your bicep and your forearm. I get a burn right there, its been bothering me forever now. I really need help. PLEASE HELP. Oh & btw I'm damn sure that I'm doing the exercises correctly, so please don't mention that.

    Thanks, god bless.

    • ANSWER:

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