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Elbow Bandage

Written By: admin - Mar• 06•12

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Frequently Asked Questions

    if i am feeling pain whenever i put pressure on my elbow, will an ace bandage help?
    whenever i do a cartwheel or back handspring my elbow hurts and i cant keep it straight, will an ace bandage help this problem?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it should help it.
      However bring it up with your doctor, because your elbow shouldn't be hurting like that.

    Can I bandage the eczema on my elbow to play sport?
    I have eczema on the insides of my elbows that is particularly bad at the moment, sore and painful, despite treatment with diprobase and hydrocortisone
    I play rugby and it would be useful to be able to protect my skin in some way while I'm playing.

    Would bandaging be alright, and what sort of bandage should I use and how should I do it?

    • ANSWER:
      yes you can i have chronic dermatitis (bad eczema) and have to keep mine bandaged all the time :( i have to use normal tubie grip bandages and underneath a melilin dressing.
      if you havent already ask your dr to try betnivate or fucibet when its really bad ask for potasium pamanganate, you out in in the bath and it helps dry it out. it works....sometimes.

    how do i bandage my sprained elbow?
    i sprainned my elbow and i need to bandage it

    • ANSWER:
      Like this!

    a dog has a fractured elbow thats surgically repaired which bandage should be applied to limit the dogs use of?

    • ANSWER:

    i have ringworm around my elbow. i put lotrimin cream on it. can i put a bandage over it?
    can i put a bandage over it??? or will that hurt it?? it wasn't itching before i put the cream on and now it is ..what does that mean? does it mean that it is working or hurting it?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to use an anti-fungal cream, like tolfonate. Don't cover it with a bandage, just wear a long sleeve.

    Any cures or treatments really help the pain and swelling of tennis elbow?
    How do you treat tennis elbow and what works for you besides the elbow wraps and bandage brace.

    • ANSWER:
      First, stop playing tennis. For a long time. Even after you feel better, don't play. With chronic injuries like tennis elbow, people tend to get into a partial heal/reinjury pattern, where they think they are fine, then go out and reinjure themselves, worse. I have seen people eventually ruin their knees, ankles, feet, and wrists that way.

      Then, cold packs. You can use ziplock bags full of chipped ice, or bags of frozen peas (less messy and less likely to get too cold than ice packs) or paper cups filled with water and frozen (so you can unwrap the paper and expose new ice. There is less melting that way.)

      The other elements of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) apply, though it is a little difficult to compress and elevate the area if you are very active. If you are able to keep your elbow higher than your heart for any length of time, do so.

      Next, large doses of ibuprofen (Advil) or similar anti-inflammatory drug. The prescription dose of ibuprofen for this kind of thing is a pill about four times the size of the consumer pills, typically four times a day. You can take rather more than the ibuprofen box recommends as long as you don't have stomach problems such as ulcers. A large dose of ibuprofen will probably cause some stomach bleeding, which for most people isn't a horrible thing. This isn't about pain relief, by the way. It is about reducing inflammation so that circulation improves and healing can take place more rapidly.

      There are stretching and strengthening exercises that can strengthen the tendon and muscles involved. You usually use a large rubber band to provide resistance. A physical therapist can show you how, but there are diagrams in the website in my sources. Take it easy with them!

      People have used ultrasound, massage, and acupuncture to reduce inflammation, though I don't know that these has been shown to have more than temporary effects.

      A doctor can inject some hydrocortisone or something similar into the area. This also reduces inflammation, often for a good while. Supposedly the problem can come back, though.

      Lastly, surgery might be an option.

    How do you bandage a dogs elbow? urgent help needed?
    My 11 yr old golden retriever had a huge abscess right on the side of his elbow earlier this year that healed but a lump started to grow on the side making a huge swelling on the side of the healed abscess we took him to the vet and they tested for cancer by sticking a needle into the middle of the new lump this is now really sore and consistently bleeding it has trippled in size and also has swollen it is now bleeding form were the abscess was what i really want to know is how to bandage a dogs elbow we have taken him to the vet repeatedly and they keep bandaging it which costs us £17 the say they cannot do anything else until the results come back so does anyone know how to do it he manages to get off the vet bandage of in 5 mins thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Hi,bandage the elbow then completely cover with sellotape.
      When my girl has blood taken the vet puts a bandage on her that sticks she cannot get it off.It also peels off wish i knew what it was called.Vet prices are disgusting hope your dog gets better soon.
      Good Luck

    has anyone had a steroid injection for tennis elbow.can you recomend a support bandage for same complaint ta?

    • ANSWER:
      I used to be the nurse when doing steroid injections, they can work but are not guaranteed to work for everyone in fact initially they can be more painful for the first few days before settling down, any injection carries the risk of infection so watch out for the area becoming red hot or swollen as these are the main signs of infection.
      With regard to a support bandage seek advice from your GP they may even supply you with one.
      Hope this helps you.

    How to relieve bandage adhesive allergic reaction?
    Just yesterday I had blood work done. I changed the cotton ball and medical tape, which gave me a mild allergic reaction, to a small band-aid (big mistake)

    I now have a rather irritated allergic reaction in the juncture of my elbow and it's rather awkward to move my arm--it hurts a lot.

    Is there anything I can do to relieve this allergic reaction?

    I'm allergic to bandage adhesive, not latex btw.

    • ANSWER:
      You can take some Benadryl-- read package instructions carefully to determine dosage and to make sure it is safe for you, especially if you're on any other medications. You may also apply ice to the site of the reaction--cover it with a towel and put on the ice for 20 minutes, then off for 20 minutes.

      And, obviously, avoid adhesives in the future on the skin, or have the doc apply skin prep first to coat the skin.

      Best wishes.

    How does a bandage stop the bleeding?
    This is very random! After scrapping my elbow, it was bleeding like crazy. After I put a bandage on, it continued to but stopped gushing blood. How does this happen. I am just curious and looking for an answer. I think it has something to do with the cut being blocked from the oxygen....

    • ANSWER:
      No, not really. A bandage provides a little pressure on the cut, which allows your platelets to kind of "pile up" at the wound site and do what they do best - clot. This helps the bleeding to slow down and eventually stop.

      Of course, there's more to it - your body has an entire "clotting cascade" that includes not only platelets but also fibrinogen and other clotting proteins. It's complex, but the take home lesson is that direct pressure on any bleeding wound is the best thing to do first to get the bleeding to stop. If a wound is really bleeding briskly, holding some clean gauze (or cloth, or a paper towel, or whatever you have handy that is clean) to the site will usually quickly bring the bleeding under control. After that, a bandage keeps some pressure on, keeps the site protected, and helps promote formation of a clot that then becomes a scab.

      If 10-15 min of good, firm, direct pressure on a wound does not slow bleeding, you need medical evaluation. But it works most of the time!

    My boyfriend accidently hit me on my elbow with the door handle?
    the handle of the door hit my elbow he was walking out and he closed it on me now i cant move it because it feels numb and sore and there is a red mark on it i cant bend it either i put a bandage around it but it hurts alot! please help!

    • ANSWER:
      I have had a serious knock on that nerve, too. It recovers. It takes a couple of days, but it recovers. Baby it for now and use that arm as little as possible.

    I might have dislocated an elbow. Is it a good idea to place elastic bandage to compress it?
    I think I may have dislocated my left elbow. I don't know how, honestly. But yeah, it just hurts to extend and flex my elbow, and it hurts to supinate my forearm. It doesn't swell, I've no fractures, just the dislocated elbow. So yeah before I go to the doctor, is it a good idea to compress it? (its actually a good reminder for me not to use my left arm because I have something on it.

    also, if that is my case, would I need anything such as a cast or sling or something?

    • ANSWER:
      if your elbow were in fact "dislocated" you would not be able to move the arm at all, and no compressing it will not help. See a doctor.

    I whacked my elbow into a corner of a counter top last year & it still hurts.?
    This time last year, I accidentally slammed the middle of my elbow straight down on the corner of a counter top. I've broken this elbow twice before and it hurt more than anything when I hurt it this time. I waited a few weeks and put an elbow bandage on it to see if it would just get better, but it wasn't... so I went in to the doctor's office and they did an x-ray and it wasn't broken. I know that I've had to seriously mess up something in my arm for it to STILL be bothering me. The pain will shoot up and down my entire arm. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't have insurance so I can't go see a specialist about it.

    Does any one have any idea what I might've done to it and any suggestions on how to heal it so it doesn't hurt anymore?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not an expert, but you may have torn a ligament this time as opposed to fracturing the bone--or they may have missed the tiny little fracture. Either way, it probably didn't heal right, whether it was a ligament or fracture or what.

      Of course, you won't know for sure what happened unless you see a specialist, even though you said you didn't want to/couldn't. But it can never hurt to keep it as still as possible, especially if it makes it feel better. You could go on eBay or Amazon and look for a little better of an elbow splint than the ones they offer at Walmart or Riteaid. If those are too expensive, you can try a sling.

      You won't know what really happened unless you get an MRI to look for bone and tissue damage, and talk to a specialist! I know you said you can't, but to avoid further damage, it would be a wise decision and could possibly save you years of elbow pain.

    My dog has a ruptured callous on her elbow needs to keep a dressing on. I have tried coban, aces.Any ideas?
    My dog is an older dog and has a rupture callous on her elbow. I need to keep a dressing on it since it is an open area with drainage. I have tried to use coban, ace bandages, wraps. No matter what I do, they continue to fall off. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Can I ask why it can't be open to air so it can dry out and heal?

      Some wounds do better healing without bandages.

    why would a full elbow replacement constantly be leaking fluid?
    My mother is 78 and has an elbow replacement that is constantly leaking fluid. She is in a nursing home and they don't seem to be concerned about it. They say she is on antibiotics forever but can't give a reason for the leak. It drains thru her bandages everyday. Does anyone know if this is normal and if not, what should I do about it? HELP!!

    • ANSWER:
      That nursing home doesn't seem to care about her at all. Get her out of there and to a doctor who actually cares.

    If i sprained my elbow, will my forearm swell up?
    I fell two days ago, and i think i sprained my elbow. i've kept it wrapped in an ace bandage, and today, i noticed that my forearm on the same arm is swelling up. i took the bandage off, but the swelling hasn't gone down. is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      You may have wrapped the bandage too tight. It should be snug but not too the point where it impedes blood flow, which can cause more swelling and even internal bruising of the muscle.

      If you still have problems after a couple of weeks, I recommend you see a medical specialist for your condition and have them perform a diagnostic test. That way, you can find out the nature & extent of the problem and a treatment plan can be formed.

      Good luck.

    What type of bandage is it when you use it on knees and its just one big banage so you don't have to wrap it?
    I've gone totally mind blank and I need to put it in an assignment. People use it on their knees and elbows. It's a tube?

    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you talking about the ones used for cuts and scraps? If so I believe they're just referred to as knee pads... or at least that's what me and everyone else I know calls them. They're band aids designed to cover large areas such as the knees or elbows. If you aren't talking about that,then your probably talking about something used for support such as a brace.

    how do you put a self grip bandage on without it hurting and staying on good?
    my friend hurt her elbow how do i put it on her

    • ANSWER:
      You wrap it around the area that is injured and a bit less tight on the injured spot and use something of your choice to hold the bandage together.

    Fractured or badly bruised elbow?
    The other day I banged my left elbow really hard on my desk. Immediately it turned purple & I got the worst pain shooting through my arm. I had to go buy 1 of those elbow bandages. I can move my elbow completely- although it does hurt a bit still. However, I can not lay any pressure onto it at all. I leaned on it last night without thinking & got that horrible pain shooting through again- almost to the point that I wanted to cry.
    Unfortunately I can not take any pain meds as I am 5 months pregnant & on heart meds.
    I'm trying to figure out if it's just badly bruised or if I sprained it. THe little bone to the inside of the elbow hurts pretty bad. I don't want to go to the dr if it's just bruised, but I don't know what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      You may go to your gynecologist,get it x-rayed to know if there is a hair line fracture.Had there been a fracture,it would have swollen heavily.If there is no open wound,you can apply a pain relieving gel.As of pain relieving can take only paracetamol at the most and that too in a limited quantity.Your gyne.will be able to manage it.Elbow bandage will keep the area immobilised and will be helpful in the healing process.

    Scraped skin above elbow and knee, anything to stop the stinging?
    well the knee isn't really that bad just some red bruising and cuts (luckily i was wearing jeans when i fell) but i scraped my the skin just 2 inches above my elbow and its dark purplish-red and is about the size 3 quarters, already put neosporin on it, had bandages and had a guaze on it but they all got wet and they made my the scrape hurt so i took it off. So do you recommend anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Aloe vera gel might help with the stinging; however, the fact that the scraped area is inflamed and the gauze bandages got wet (presumably from fluid leaking out of the wound) indicates that the area is infected. Since you already tried Neosporin and didn't get relief, I would suggest that you try gentler natural remedies. You can soak the area(s) in warm salted water for 5 or 10 minutes once or twice a day. Use 1/4 teaspoon salt per cup of water; in this concentration, the salt does not sting and will clean the wound and draw out any pus. Raw honey also has a similar effect. You can get it at your local health food store--make sure the label says "raw honey." Smear a thin layer of it on the affected areas and let it sit for a few minutes, then wash it off with warm water. It will sting a little at first, but helps clear infection, speed healing, and reduce scarring.

    I'm trying to find fun stuff or things for my sister to do?
    My sister is getting a mole removed on her right elbow, and I'm trying to find fun things for her to do to pass time, that doesn't involve too much writing because she will have her elbow bandaged up. I already thought of crossword and word search puzzles.

    • ANSWER:
      -Ipod/ DVD player
      - Magazines
      - Talking/ chatting
      - Bring a laptop in

    When can i take the bandages off my arm post-surgery? (two screws put into fractured elbow)?

    • ANSWER:

    what happens if u cut ur elbow by a razor on accident?
    when i was in the shower and i cut my elbow and i got out of the shower and i put alcohol and anabiotic ointment on it and wrapped it in a bandage the razor was new so i want to kno if i can get some kind of infections or what ever thanks plzz answer

    • ANSWER:
      I am not sure how you managed to cut your elbow with the raxor - but as you took every precaution I really don't think there is anything to worry about!

    Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery?
    im having arthroscopic elbow surgery on friday and an important soccer game on sunday. would i be able to play the game on sunday if i bandaged the elbow and wore a brace? what is the worst that can happen if i play?

    • ANSWER:

    i cut my elbow with a razor on accident plzz answer?
    ok when i was in the shower i cut my elbow with a razor so i jumped out of the shower and put alcohol on it and anabiotic ointment and put a bandage on it am i ganna be ok
    the razor was brand new

    • ANSWER:
      It's a clean cut with a sharp blade, and not too deep. So if the bleeding stops, you'll be fine.

    scraped skin above elbow and knee, anything to stop the stinging?
    well the knee isn't really that bad just some red bruising and cuts (luckily i was wearing jeans when i fell) but i scraped my the skin just 2 inches above my elbow and its dark purplish-red and is about the size 3 quarters, already put neosporin on it, had bandages and had a guaze on it but they all got wet and they made my the scrape hurt so i took it off. So do you recommend anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Try a clean, cool, wet rag. Hold it on the wound, carefully. Re-wet it every 10-15 minutes or so. It should help take down the swelling and stinging. It's worked for me, anyway. Sorry you hurt yourself!! I've been there. Too many times.

    Tennis Elbow?
    I think I might have Tennis Elbow, I did a lot of gardening yesterday and now my left forearm hurts up to the elbow. I have used an elastic bandage overnight but that seemed to make it hurt more. Can anyone help to identify this. Ligament or sprain?

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure if it's a ligament or sprain without more information. However, I can tell you that tennis elbow pain starts at the outside of your elbow (if you press a tendon on the outside elbow, you'll definitely feel the pain). In contract, golfer's elbow is where the pain starts at the inside of the elbow. The pain starts at these points and radiates downward.

      If the elastic bandage doesn't help, then look into a forearm/tennis elbow brace. It's also a good idea to rest your arm, ice it 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes for a few days, and take an anti-inflammatory until it feels better.

    How do i have a shower without getting both of my arms wet?
    i have bandages from my elbow to my wrist. That im not allowed to get wet.

    • ANSWER:
      Take a bath instead.

    How do I know if my wrist is broken, sparined, or factored?
    my wrist is bad hurting like a shooting pain on the side of it and the pain is going up to my thumb and index finger, and up to my elbow. I put ice and an ace bandage on it the whole day and its worse now!

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately you have omitted describing the mechanism of injury. Assuming that the issue is one of trauma, depending on the type and force an X Ray may be the only way to determine the damage.

    I rolled backwards on my elbow and it hurts. Elbow Pain, help.?
    In a dance move I rolled backwards into a standing up position. I rolled over my elbow.

    When this happened I felt this weird pop in my elbow
    (it just sounded/felt similar to simply cracking a knuckle)

    but after it happened, and now, it feels weird everytime i extend my arm out -- stretching out my elbow. i have to keep my arm/elbow bent in.

    What did I do to my elbow?

    Should I just wrap it with an ace bandage?

    • ANSWER:
      first if youcan move it its ok next if its swollen ice it next go see a doctor if it keep hurting

    Dislocated elbow a 2.5 weeks ago and tore tendons/ligaments?
    I'm out of the splint, and I've gained some mobility back but I'd still like to get some type of support. I'm going hiking in Costa Rica next week and a little extra protection would make me feel better. Anyone have a suggestion for a brace or some sort of support? I've checked drug stores, Target & Sport Authority and I can't find anything that I think would work for this particular issue. Most things are for 'Tennis Elbow" or just an ace bandage. Suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Try some of the Durable Medical Supply stores. They have all sorts of braces all the way to walkers and beds. If any place would have something I would think that's your best bet.

    ace bandage...? HELP?
    this weekend i fell on my elbow really hard i need an ace bandage but dont have one around the house. what can i use until i get one??

    • ANSWER:
      Soak the elbow in some moist heat like very hot water, with Epsom's Salt added to it. Read the directions on the bag. Do this until the water cools, wipe and rub the elbow with some Aspercreme Cream, if not allergic to aspirin. Use an old sheet or pillow case that you can cut to about four feet or so long, and about three inches wide. you can tear one end in half for about six inches to use as a tie when completely wrapped. Soaking the elbow in Epsom's Salt will help with the pain and any swelling you have. Good luck to you young man.

    What is the best way to prevent movement in a broken bone?
    My grandmother has broken her upper arm. The surgeon says because of the severe osteoporosis she will not heal. This is the second break in the same place and the last time it took 9 months and weird devices to heal the break. They can't do general anesthetics because of allergies and won't put pins or plates in because the doc says it will just break the bone more.

    She is currently in your average arm sling and a special brace and has been instructed not to move the arm at all. She is not compliant at all and continues to use the arm whenever not directly supervised. She has mild to moderate dementia. I have bandaged her hand directly to her chest to prevent movement but she still manages to move it.

    I need a way to prevent her from moving the limb when she is not supervised. Can the elbow and shoulder be completely immobilized in a special sling or brace? Should we just bandage the arm directly to her side? Help I am at a loss here.

    • ANSWER:
      I feel so sorry for your grandmother, I broke my upper arm and had to have a rod and 3 screws put in it. It is very,very painful. I suggest to ask the doctor about a brace that keeps the arm close to her body. Unlike one of the other answers, she doesn't need to be moving it, until it sets. If she keeps moving it, the bone will not repair itself.
      I hope you have her on some pain medication, and find some ways to keep her from getting depressed. This bone takes several months to heal.
      Best of Luck,,And I congratulate you for being concerned about your grandmother. Have you looked into a home care provider to help look after her, depending on her income she may be entitled to this for free.

    Why does my elbow Hurt?
    I hit my elbow on somthing 2 days ago and i put a bandage on it and its healing now but a differnt part like right above my elbow going hurts even if im resting it on a table or haveing hang down by my side!

    what happened??

    • ANSWER:
      Ouch! Hitting your elbow hurts! The likely culprit is a nerve banged by the original injury. Nerves often radiate pain to different areas. You might try some ice, but the pain should go away pretty soon.

    I recently had a skin abcess drained on my elbow. It was infected and I have been on anitbiotics.?
    The dr took off the dressing and the ace bandage finally and put a band aide on it to let it drain more. My question is, why is my elbow area swollen. It was not swollen originally. The cut has stopped draining today and each day I get more range of motion, but I am worried about the swelling. I have another dr appt on Tues and I will def ask about it then, but I was hoping one of you were a dr or nurse and could give me some insight. Originally I thought it was because the ace bandage was tight but now that is it off there is still some swelling. Could the scalple cut (aka minor surgery) be the reason? Just curious. THANKS

    • ANSWER:
      I'm a nurse. Yes it is due to the incision site. I wouldn't worry it will soon go down. In the meantime take ibuprofen it reduces swelling. I hope this answers your question, take care.

    Ace Bandage-Leave on or let breathe?
    I fell today and landed on my elbow. It isn't broken but the doctor said that it caused shock and that I have tendonitis (I use my right elbow a lot in lifting at work). He wrapped it in an ace bandage. Should I take it off to let it breathe or leave it on? How soon and how frequently should I let it breathe?

    • ANSWER:
      Keep the Ace bandage on, unless your arm swells up, and it cuts off your circulation to your fingers. It's porous, so no need to take it off to let it breathe. You can take it off while in the bath or shower, but other than that, keep it on so it provides some support to your damaged elbow. If you find you have difficulty in lifting any weight, or if your arm pains when you move your elbow after 48 hrs, gettin an x ray might be a very good idea, if you haven't had one already.

    My dog has stitches on his front paw. Is it normal for some fluid mixed with little blood to drain?
    We cannot keep a bandage on it, because of the awkward location (just below his elbow) Any professionals feel that this is cause for concern?

    • ANSWER:

    my dog has a Cali's on her front leg that bends at the elbow. it's bleeding what should I do .?
    I put some antibiotic oint. and bandage on it. should I do more?

    • ANSWER:
      Take your dog to the animal seems like there is something more serious going on.!Don't put it off.!

    Numb thumb and pointer finger after elbow surgery any suggestions?
    I had surgery on my elbow, now the inner part of my thumb and top of my pointer finger is numb. They wrapped my arm with an ace bandage all the way to my wrist after the surgery. I went back to the hospital two days after my surgery because of the numbness and because I was not so out of it due to the painkillers. The doctors told me the numbness was probably because they wrapped the ace bandage too tight. Does that sound right? I am in the military so I don't trust our doctors as their reputation is not the best. When I extend my elbow out it feels like it sends electricity to the numb part of my hand which makes me think it was not the ace bandage and possibly a nerve in my elbow that they may have damaged. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      This numbness is occurring along the distribution of your median nerve. This is the nerve that is affected by problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

      Here's the thing: The median nerve runs right through the elbow. I am not sure about the nature of your surgery (when,why, exactly where etc.) but it is not impossible that somebody nicked the nerve while they were in there...which may not be entirely curable. But...the doctors explanation is also entirely possible. Also, simple inflammation after surgery can cause this.

      Your goal in the meantime is to control inflammation and decrease formation of scar tissue. Medications like ibuprofen or naproxen may be your best friend in this case (not necessarily for pain but for anti-inflammatory effect). To get the full effect you will need to take a pretty good dose for at least one week. (Eg. 600mg ibuprofen 3/day).

      Obviously, you shouldn't combine a bunch of medications and you should consult with your doctor about this. If no improvement you should ask for a workup of the numbness, including an EMG which will assess nerve conduction.

      Good luck.

    Is it normal to have swelling in my fingers after carpal tunnel release surgery?
    I had this surgery along with ulnar nerve decompression in my right arm and wrist on Oct. 8th. I am bandaged from above the elbow to my fingers. There is a splint at my wrist. I have been keeping my hand elevated to minimize swelling, but my fingers are really swollen. They are not discolored much and I can still move them. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Thanks for your time and help!

    • ANSWER:

    Tennis elbow in great danes?
    what is the cure for a tennis elbow in a great dane s my 4 month old puppy is suffering with a tennis elbow there is a round swelling on the elbow the vet had give an ointment to apply and sad to tie a bandage and repeat it for several day everyday" how ever i don't see any change in it... Please help me out if any one know what needs to be done

    • ANSWER:
      Rest is the best for tendonitis.

    How to convince mom to bring me w/ her to the orthopedic?
    My mom and I thought I sprained my wrist on Thanksgiving and it was getting better and I was wrapping it in an ACE bandage when today it started to ache, and ache, it hurts sometimes from my wrist to my elbow and wrist to fingers, mostly my thumb. Now the swelling increased and when I feel it feels like a bone is out of place. She has an orthopedic appointment Friday. She keeps blowing off my wrist saying its not that bad.. Please Help?

    • ANSWER:
      You should see the orthopedist for there are a few things that it could be including a fracture. Torn ligaments are worse than a break so they should also be taken very seriously.

    Keeping elbow straight?
    My tennis coach wants to do something with my elbow so i don't bend it and hit the ball so close to me. Is there anything i can do to mentally fix it or put something on it? We were thinking some sort of bandage but so far we don't have any solid ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      This it on your forehand, right? I hope it is, because the advice I am about to give will only work for the forehand.

      If you want your right arm to stay straight and give you the correct ball spacing, put your left hand out in front of your body, as straight as you can. It should be placed as if you are trying to catch the ball with your left hand -- more or less parallel to your right. Obviously, you should move it back to the right side of your body and out of the way of the racquet as you swing.

      Now, focus on the ball as much as you can, all the way into the stringbed. I am sure you have seen pictures of Federer with his eyes on his contact zone well after he hits his ball. You should try to do the same thing. Focusing and watching the ball hit your strings will not only improve the consistancy of your ball spacing, but it will also help prevent frames and mis-hits.

    I have a lump on my inner elbow... i need answers ASAP! [open to read why]?
    I'm supposed to donate blood tomorrow!! But what if it's an infection!?? I can't donate if it is!!

    As far as the lump... its in my left elbow, right under the crease, and its more easily felt if I lift my arm up, which then pulls the skin down (ya know, gravity and all.) I dont have one on the right side. It's not painful to the touch, isn't really hard necessarily, but isnt really soft either. As far as the size... well... it's kind of oblong, and it's probably the size of.... a couple of grapes? Like if you were to uhm, smoosh them together? I have a cut on my knuckle, that has started to look a tiny bit like it might be getting infected... just red around it and not really healing like it should. (for the tiny cut that it was) I finally put some neosporin on it tonight and covered it up with a bandage... and its looking a little bit better. I noticed the lump a couple days ago, and it has grown since then.

    HELP! If I have an infection I can't knowingly donate blood!
    I know that I can always call the blood donation center and explain the situation to them and reschedule... but I also need to know if this is doctor-worthy.

    Hmm. As I was writing this, I had a little twinge of pain in the area... and now that I think of it, earlier in the evening, this elbow sort of ... spasmed... and hurt to extend it and grasp anything, but it hurt on the outside of my elbow. Related? IDK!!!
    That was a great answer... except that the more I research lymph nodes in the elbow, the less it seems possible for this to be what it is.

    Oh, and I got up today, looked at the date, and realized that my appointment to donate is tomorrow. (duh.) blonde moment. Thanks for all the answers, I'm going to call my doctor today.

    • ANSWER:
      Those are most likely infected lymph nodes . If the infection spreads , next you will notice lumps in your armpit . You need systemic (oral) antibiotic treatment .

      EPITROCHLEAR nodes :
      Often, these nodes are overlooked, or inadequate techniques are employed to examine them. Epitrochlear nodes are best sought with the patient's elbow flexed to about 90°. The right epitrochlear area is approached by inserting the examiner's left hand from behind the patient's elbow while the examiner's right hand grasps the right wrist of the patient, supporting the forearm, as in Figure 149.2B. The fourth and fifth finger should fall just above the medial epicondyle of the humerus and then the other fingers will overlie the area where epitrochlear nodes are usually found. Examination of the left epitrochlear area is just the reverse of the right. Epitrochlear nodes are usually enlarged secondary to infections of the hand and forearm. Occasionally, neoplastic processes will present with isolated epitrochlear adenopathy. Enlarged epitrochlear nodes occur frequently in mononucleosis. In the past, epitrochlear lymphadenopathy was considered a diagnostically important sign of secondary syphilis, but now it is more commonly due to recurrent hand injury or infections in people who do manual labor.

    Scraped elbow not healing?
    So I was skateboarding downhill, hit the pavement hard and scraped the side of my elbow pretty bad. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol three hours after the crash; It was three days ago. Everyday I clean it and now the skin around the edge of the wound is redish black like a scab and then pink and white in the center. I took off the bandage I applied this morning a few minutes ago and there is puss :/

    What should I do now?

    • ANSWER:
      It may be infected; at the very least, it's irritated. I recommend using Hibicleanse and Neosporin. Use the Neosporin 2 or 3 times every day; wash (and rinse) with the Hibicleanse once a day to once a week. Please make sure it has time outside of a bandage to dry now and then, and that whatever bandage you use is "breathable." I have a feeling that it's being allowed too much moisture.

      If it does not stop pussing and start healing in a couple of days, see a doctor. If it feels hot and/or looks very swollen, see a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

    ace bandage help?
    i have a highly contagious, at least that's what my dermatoligist says, rash on my arm and i have a 3 in' wide ace bandage. its not huge and is on the inside of my arm. it goes from about 3/4 of the way up my arm to 1/4 above my elbow. what is the best way to rap it up?

    • ANSWER:
      your doctor should have shown you the way to wrap that problem. use gause tape first with what-ever salve that the md prescribed, then wrap the skin loosely do not stretch the ace bandage until the last 10 to 12 inches then fasten with the clip that was supplied, make sure that you remove it atlease once every 24 hours to let it breathe and cleanse the area thouroughly before rewrapping, try to avoid reusing the old bandage or you will only be re-infecting yourself with what ever you are trying to get rid of.

    how can i cover up my skin infection with a band-aid thingy?
    so i have eczema and i have to put cream on it and stuff. i have it on my legs and a little on my elbow. the problem is the cream always gets rubbed of on my clothes, so what can i put on it to not make it rub off? like whats that white bandage stuff that hospitals or first-aid people use to cover up a cut? i dont want to use a band-aid cause my legs will be covered in them. so can someone please help?

    • ANSWER:
      That "band-aid thingy" is called gauze or an Ace bandage (they're pink and stretchy) and you can get them at any pharmacy in just about any size.

      The gauze is cheaper than the Ace bandages, so I would go with that. Buy a size that you can wrap around your legs and get some tiny safety pins to hold it together. They also sell these "teeth" things that hold it but they fall off.

      Want to see pictures? Go here:

      Wow! That's a long website address!!!

    I have some nasty scars on my arm and I really want to go swimming?
    I'm going to take my little sister to the pool tomorrow, only problem is is that my arm has scars all up and down it.

    Could I put some ace bandage over it, or would it fall off?

    What could I do to hide it?

    Its all below my elbow, so wearing a shirt wouldn't really help unless it was long sleeved.

    Are you allowed to wear a long sleeved shirt to a public swimming pool?
    yeah, but I don't want my little sister to see them.

    • ANSWER:
      I think your easiest option would be to go out and buy a long-sleeve rashguard from your local sports store. The pools will allow it because it is considered swimwear. In addition, they all have UV protection, so it'll protect you from the sun as well.

    Elbow Pain?
    I recently hurt my elbow by having it slam into something that I didn't know was there. It is a dull achy pain that gets worse if I try to straighten my arm. I know about RICE but should I use a sling or an ace bandage for the immobilization aspect? Also is is likely to get a sprain in that area because thats what it feels like?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds to me as though you may have bruised the bone....It may take a couple of week's to feel better...I would just try not to use it if at all possible...

    Hurt Elbow- what is it?
    So on Saturday night, I fell off a curve on campus and landed on my elbow and skinned my knees. I got up, holding my elbow but continued to the dining hall. As I was there, it started to hurt a lot more, especially to the touch and seemed very stiff. We then left and went to watch a movie. Any time anyone grazed it, it hurt and when I would try to put weight on it by adjusting my position, it would hurt. I had difficulty falling asleep saturday night because my fingers were tingling and there was pain shooting up and down my arm. Sunday morning, I woke up, and it was sore and still hurt to the touch and to move it around, but it felt better. I decided, just to protect it from being hit to put it up in an ace bandage and also a sling when I was in public to keep it stable (mom's suggestion). So I have had it in the ace bandage and sling for three days now. There is a little bit of bruising still and it is still sore. It gets stiff when I am typing, or using the muscles surrounding the elbow. When am I do menial things like typing, there is still some tingling in my fingers. From what I can tell, there may be minor swelling and there could be a bump, but I am not sure if that was there before or not. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could have done to my elbow, and how I should care for it? Thanks for any suggestions!

    • ANSWER:
      Elbow pain is an extremely common complaint, and there are many common causes of this problem. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause. If you have elbow pain, some common causes include:

      Lateral Epicondylitis - tennis elbow, symptoms being pain over the outside of the joint and difficulty gripping objects, and you don't have to be a tennis player.

      Medial Epicondylitis - golfer's elbow, causes discomfort around the inner side of the joint, and not just golfers.

      Olecranon Bursitis is most common behind the elbow joint, swelling and tenderness behind the joint over the bony prominence called the olecranon. Infections of the bursa can complicate the treatment.

      Tendonitis can occur in any of the tendons that surround the joint, often biceps tendonitis (in front of the joint) and triceps tendonitis (in the back of the joint).

      Cubital Tunnel Syndrome occurs when there is compression of the ulnar nerve as is wraps around the inside of the joint causing elbow pain, or shooting pains along the forearm and numbness and tingling of the fingers.

      Radial Tunnel Syndrome is an uncommon condition that causes nerve compression of the radial nerve, often found in people who have lateral epicondylitis, but do not improve.

      Elbow Fractures can occur abound the elbow after injuries such as falls, sports injuries, and car accidents. The most common elbow fractures are olecranon fractures and radial head fractures.

      If you are unsure, you should seek medical attention. Treatment of these conditions must be directed at the specific cause of your problem. Some signs that you should be seen by a doctor include:

      Inability to carry objects or use the arm
      Injury that causes deformity of the joint
      Elbow pain that occurs at night or while resting
      Elbow pain that persists beyond a few days
      Inability to straighten or flex the arm
      Swelling or significant bruising around the joint or arm
      Signs of an infection, including fever, redness, warmth
      Any other unusual symptoms

      The treatment of elbow pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem. Not all treatments are appropriate for every condition, but may be helpful in your situation.

      Rest: The first treatment for many common conditions that cause elbow pain is to rest the joint, and allow the acute inflammation to subside. It is important, however, to use caution when resting the joint, because prolonged immobilization can cause a stiff joint.

      Ice packs and heat pads are among the most commonly used treatments for elbow pain.

      Stretching the muscles and tendons that surround the joint can help with some causes of elbow pain.

      Physical therapy is an important aspect of treatment of almost all orthopedic conditions to increase strength, regain mobility, and help return pre-injury level of activity.

      Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications, commonly referred to as NSAIDs, are some of the most commonly prescribed medications, especially for elbow pain caused by problems such as arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis.

      Cortisone injectionn are powerful medications that treat inflammation, common problem with elbow pain. Discuss with your doctor the possible benefits of a cortisone injection for your elbow pain condition.

      Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery is a surgical treatment for relief of some types of symptoms. While not useful for all causes of elbow pain, arthroscopic surgery is a treatment option for several common conditions.

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